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7th JANUARY 2022

Please come and join us for our annual celebration and branch meeting which will be held at the Cotswold Gateway Hotel in Burford, OX18 4HX.

Awards will be presented to all members who have won the most points in each category - see our web page for further details. To be eligible, Cotswold members must have had a dedicated volunteering role at one or more EGB events.

There is the Pleasure Ride trophy to be had so, to be in with a chance of winning, please e-mail us at together with a scanned copy of your Pleasure Ride Record card. Please also be aware that the Mince Pie ride on 5th December will be included in this year’s award.

During the BAM there will be an open discussion on what our members (you!) want from the Cotswold EGB branch and how to help take it forward during 2022 and beyond.

The menu for the evening and further details will be published on Clubhouse. Please book your seats and pay through the site.

We look forward seeing you all in your ‘glad rags’ and receiving your feed-back.


Email enquiries can be sent to

Annual Awards

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