Cotswold Group invites you to express interest in the following team events. Being part of a team is very rewarding and the aim is to encourage and support each other for the greater good of the Team but also to enable individuals to make friends and share resources. Being part of a team is great for our crew members too! Teams are selected on various criteria and according to the events individual eligibility. We encourage anyone who wants to partake in team events to contact us so that we can put you forward.  


If you are interested in being part of a team then please express your interest to our Teams Coordinator, Chris Wensley at: or call her on ​07766 280114 for further information and support. 

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Friday/ Saturday 9th 10th July 2021

Be part of the team.

As the Inter-Regionals are now being held at the much nearer venue of Cirencester Park, Cotswold branch are inviting entries for the following classes. Please contact me ASAP if you think you and your horse may be eligible to enjoy the fun and companionship of being a member of The Cotswold Inter-Regional Team.


No of riders Qualification Class Distance Type Day

2 Advanced 23, 24, 25 80km CER Saturday *See note below

2 Open/Adv 28 65km GER Saturday *See note below

2 Open/Adv 4 80km (40+40) 2Day GER Friday/Saturday *See note below

1 Open/Adv 31 40km GER Saturday *See note below

1 Novice Horse 32 40km Nov GER Saturday *See note below

1 Novice Rider & Novice Horse 34a 30km Nov GER Saturday *See note below TBYB, RC, PC are eligible

1 Novice Horse 34b 30km Nov GER Saturday *See note below

*Note WILD CARD An additional 2 Rider/Horse combinations, may be added to the above 10 combinations and used as a ‘Wild Card’ in any of the classes. Maximum of one wild card per team per class. Wild cards will only be placed and score placing points if one or more of their other team members in that class fail to complete. A novice horse is one that is registered as a novice at the start of the class. A novice rider is one that is registered as a novice at the start of the class.


Cotswold particularly want to encourage junior, young and para riders. Also ‘Try before you buy’, riding and pony club members can be part of the team.

I look forward to, hopefully, receiving lots of emails and phone calls as everyone puts 9th and 10th July in their diaries.

Chris Wensley Chef d’equipe: email:, mobile: 07766 280114

Red Dragon Teams

If you are entered for this wonderful ride Cotswold needs you!

We need at least one team of 4 riders to enter the Red Dragon team event. In the past we have entered multiple teams and we would love to do so again!

Please contact Janet Kenward with you and your horses name and which class you are doing. Only Saturday and Sunday classes count towards the team.